Introduction: With over 7 million members, the German Football Association is the largest professional soccer association in the world. The professional leagues from the Bundesliga to the 3rd league are known worldwide and admired by many spectators. However, especially women’s soccer and amateur soccer attract an incredible number of interested fans who previously had no opportunity to watch these games live in any form on the Internet.

Challenge: The 2nd Women’s Bundesliga, which plays an important role for women’s soccer as a training league, was therefore never visible on TV or the Internet. The DFB was determined to change that.

Solution: Thus, the DFB was looking for a digital solution for the entire league, which AI Sportswatch could offer in the form of match broadcasts in TV quality and without a cameraman. The German Football Association was already convinced by AI Sportswatch due to the company’s broadcasts in amateur soccer. So now it was finally possible to watch the matches of the 2nd Women’s Bundesliga live, because the company broadcasts the entire league with its fully automated camera systems – that is, a whole 14th clubs, such as FC Bayern Munich, VfL Wolfsburg, Werder Bremen, Borussia Mönchengladbach and some more.

National coach praises scouting opportunities with AI Sportswatch.
«This is a clear, positive statement,» explains national soccer coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. «We’re not only looking at the 1st Women’s Bundesliga, but also at the 2nd Bundesliga. It’s a help for our U-National coaches, just as it is for the club coaches.» For coaches and talent scouts, this once again opens up completely new possibilities.

«They can look more, they can get several games or information about the players. Of course, you prefer to be on site, but you can’t be in two places at once, so it’s an upgrade. It’s a big step in the right direction.» So, for women’s soccer in particular, the cooperation between AI Sportswatch and the DFB was a hugely important step in making more games – than just those from the top flight – visible and thus giving women’s soccer even more prominence nationwide.

Coaching tool as a complete innovation for talent scouts and coaches in women’s football.
Of course, the coaches there also use the coaching tool developed by AI SW itself, with which they can pause scenes, edit them and then send them to the players by e-mail or Whatsapp. This way, a precise game analysis on the laptop or PC is possible before and after the games.

«The coaching tool is extremely important for the 2nd Women’s Bundesliga because the coaches now have a way to prepare and follow up games even better,» Voss-Tecklenburg said. «They can get information and no longer have to make sure someone watches the opponent, goes there and films it themselves. That costs money, resources and manpower.»

The cooperation between AI Sportswatch and the DFB is a real milestone. The agreement between the company and the DFB includes, among other things, that all soccer matches that the company broadcasts will be included on Fuß, the DFB’s platform.

This means that all matches that AI Sportswatch broadcasts can also be accessed by anyone via the DFB’s homepage.

All in all, the cooperation is an important, energy-saving step for women’s soccer, which is thus positioning itself even more broadly in match broadcasting. «A real innovative step,» as Heike Ullrich, the DFB’s Director of Associations, Clubs and Leagues, proudly states.

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