RTL has interests in 68 TV channels, eight streaming platforms and 30 radio stations, global production companies and a dynamically growing digital business.

The challenge:

As far as sports broadcasts were concerned, RTL had made TV history over the past 30 years, especially as the TV partner of Formula 1. RTL Luxembourg’s sports department now wanted to expand its portfolio to include the most important sports in the country – soccer, volleyball, basketball and handball – by integrating coverage and live broadcasts into its programming.

However, this project entailed a mammoth logistical task. Week after week, for example, numerous camera teams were needed that would have had to operate on more than 70 different sports fields in order to enable live coverage of the games.

That’s why RTL set out to find a digital solution, a solution that would allow it to broadcast matches without a great deal of human and financial effort.

Pascal Casel Business Platform & Diversification Director at RTL explains:

“We have invited many vendors to us with the intention of finding a technology that satisfies us and meets our requirements. Unfortunately, there was no 100% satisfactory solution until we came across AISportsWatch.


With the fully automated camera system from AISportsWatch, we are now able to broadcast matches without a cameraman in TV-like image quality. In the cooperation with AISportsWatch, we particularly like the short and uncomplicated communication channels, the friendly and competent manner of the team and the immediate adaptation of individual needs. We were also convinced by the fact that the production and development of hardware and software takes place in Essen, Germany, so “Made in Germany” is something better we could not find. Another advantage is that the system constantly receives new features and updates from the IT department, which are automatically transmitted and installed without any further costs.”


What has happened since then?

Meanwhile, about 70 sports fields in Luxembourg are equipped with the AISportsWatch camera system. Clubs, coaches and players use the coaching tool for professional match analysis and thus contribute to the targeted and effective development of Luxembourg’s athletes and young talents.

Pascal Casel says: “By broadcasting the most popular sports in Luxembourg, RTL Luxembourg has continued to secure its place as Luxembourg’s biggest TV station. Through our coverage and broadcasting of moving images, we also promote sports enthusiasm among our viewers in Luxembourg. In this way, RTL ultimately contributes to understanding within the different cultures and nationalities in Luxembourg, because sport speaks an international language!”

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