Rot-Weiss Essen is not only the most successful footballclub in the city of Essen in Germany, RWE is a club, that has enormous charisma throughout Germany, even though they play in the fourth division. Not at least because of its numerous fans and the great atmosphere on the legendary Stadium on “Hafenstraße”.

The Challenge:

RWE wanted to give its fans across Germany the opportunity to watch their team’s games in the “Regionalliga-West”-League live in TV-Quality. Especially when they can’t be in the stadium. Up to now this has not been possible in any way.

The Solution:

AISportsWatch took up this problem immediately and offered the clubs in the Regionalleague – including Rot-Weiss Essen – the opportunity to broadcast the games in best quality with its camerasystem both on the company-website and on the club-website to sell virtual tickets. The clubs can set the price of the tickets themselves. So the clubs were able to offer their fans the opportunity to follow the games live and to cheer with their team. For a club like RWE in particular, this option with its large number of fans is the perfect solution for creating a new source of financial income.


For Rot-Weiss Essen-Recordplayer Kevin Grund, the collaboration with AISportsWatch is also a great thing: “Personally, I think AISportsWatch and its broadcasts are great,” says the left-back. “My whole family watches AISportsWatch. My parents in law, wife and the boys from the U10, whom I also train. The guys always ask me for the link for the games and of course they are really happy when they can watch it there. On the other hand, they always complain when I make a mistake (laughs). “

The first game of the 2020/2021 season against SC Wiedenbrück was watched by 5.000 spectators. “Overall, we can be satisfied with the start of our new livestream,” said RWE-Manager Markus Uhlig after the start. “In a short term we have created a high quality alternative offer, that brings all the fans out there a little closer to the pitch,” he explains.

Meanwhile, the games of the German champion from 1955 have an average of 7000 spectators and RWE-Fans can also watch a lot of awaygames live. In addition to Rot-Weiss Essen, nine other Regionalleague-Clubs have decided to work with AISportsWatch.

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