Playing out the videos


Fan loyalty and reach through a perfect audience experience

The video platform (OTT platform) offers all sports fans a perfect streaming experience. Intuitive navigation to the game you are looking for is effortless via the search bar or city clustering. The Google Cloud Backend delivers highest performance even at peak times and is available worldwide.
Great viewer experiences are guaranteed on all devices thanks to the AISW mobile first philosophy.

The ideal home for your games

  • From the camera to the fan a fully automated production
  • Live, on-demand and as a highlight clip
  • Embed and show the game live on your homepage
  • Professional scoreboard
  • Implementation of different advertising formats for sponsors
  • Comment your team live
  • So your family and friends can follow the team from anywhere and at any time

The AISW player as a multifunctional tool

  • Automatically show score and game time
  • Create and display advertisements independently
  • Play audio commentaries
  • Protect content with logins
  • Create and manage paywalls independently

Latest technologies for best results

We use only state-of-the-art technologies.

Revenue from a paywall

The live broadcast of the club can be put behind a paywall. Fans and interested parties can register for this quickly and easily and pay a freely selectable amount from home with our convenient payment system in order to access the respective match and its highlights, earn money from the club and thus create a new source of income. Various purchase options such as season tickets or individual purchases offer every fan a suitable offer. The club can additionally embed its own matches on the club’s homepage to make it even easier to draw fans’ attention to the new offer.

Revenue from digital instream sponsorship

AISportsWatch offers your club various digital advertising spaces. Advertisements or sponsors can be easily placed on your own club page on, as well as in the live stream, in the replay or in the highlight. In addition, the club can offer its local sponsors the opportunity to not only place advertising in the stadium, but also to generate more reach with digital advertising spaces.

Low cost, high efficiency

Due to the automation of our camera system, the use requires only a one-time installation. Through the constant maintenance and further development of our system, we ensure a permanently high quality of our system. Furthermore, the AISW system is adapted to numerous sports. Thus, monetization can be used for soccer, handball and basketball, as well as for field hockey, equestrian and all other sports that take place in a square field. If your club has various sports departments, this can immensely promote cross-departmental identification and nothing stands in the way of a valuable source of revenue through meaningful monetization measures.

Video transmission for all

With the help of an advanced camera system, our company records your sport fully automatically. It doesn’t matter whether it’s soccer, handball or basketball. Even ice and field field hockey can be easily recorded with our camera system. And not only that, all games are streamed live and completely without a cameraman. You fear a lack of income if you offer this service? We offer you the possibility to install a paywall, which can even bring you and your club additional income. Another way to capitalize on streaming is to integrate ads or sponsors into your live broadcast.

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