Coaching Tool

Key Features

Various tools for machining

Analysis immediately shareable with players

Convertible without cameraman

Recording by means of artificial intelligence

180-degree VR stream to see every angle of the pitch


Livetagging / All tags in one big collection to easily find scenes again

Position data that can be integrated


The best view of the game

Video analysis for coaches, scouts and players with the coaching tool from AISportsWatch. Match and training recordings using artificial intelligence, high resolution, convertible without a cameraman. Various tools for editing game scenes that can be shared directly with the team.

Error analysis and match preparation in a 180-degree virtual reality stream created by 6 combined cameras to capture every angle of the pitch. An included tagging library, where scenes from all matches can be stored for post-match analysis, provides every analyst with the perfect platform for pre-match and post-match preparation.

Simple analysis preparation

  • The most important actions of the game can be identified and scenes can be tagged/named
  • It is possible to edit important actions with a wide variety of tools such as zoom, drawings and markers and save the desired scene

Efficient further development of the team thanks to video analyses

  • Created clips can be used for better preparation and weaknesses can be corrected. Tactics can be set for upcoming matches and statistics can be created about the type of goals or goals conceded (standards, counters, etc.)
  • Conduct video analysis together with the team, in small groups or individually
  • Video analysis is possible before the match, at half-time and directly after a match or training session
  • Through joint analysis with the team, success strategies can be developed and at the same time the team culture and cooperation can be improved

Share analysis results

  • The decisive actions can be quickly shared with others via email, WhatsApp, Facebook and co
  • Effortlessly, recordings can be exported and sent internally to the team or scouts
  • The most important actions can be filtered to create and share relevant playlists
  • It is possible to create a large collection with all analyses to refer back to it again and again

What others say about the Coaching Tool

“Our youth coaches regularly use AISportsWatch in their match preparation in order to be able to assess the opponent in advance and react tactically” – Lars Ricken, youth coordinator of Borussia Dortmund

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