Borussia Dortmund is one of the best and most highly regarded soccer clubs in Europe. The eight-time German champion is known for its gigantic atmosphere in Germany’s largest soccer stadium with over 80,000 spectators and has Europe’s largest standing room grandstand – what a power!

But it’s not just BVB’s first team that is causing a stir throughout Europe. Borussia Dortmund has excellent youth work and trains talented players, many of whom often make the leap to the big boys. That’s why the club wants to promote young talent and give them the chance to prove themselves publicly in front of scouts and fans around the world.


The Bundesliga club is therefore primarily concerned with high quality in order to be able to offer its numerous fans a perfect broadcast of the junior games. The fans should not watch BVB games live or as a highlight with just any stream, but experience a broadcast worthy of Borussia Dortmund.


For example, BVB legend and youth coordinator Lars Ricken chose the camera system from AISportsWatch after intensive research, as Borussia Dortmund was convinced by the company’s years of experience, perfect image quality and production in Germany.

In addition, AISportsWatch offers all features from a single source. This means that BVB fans can enjoy the games via livestream or as a highlight and experience a broadcast quality that comes close to a TV broadcast at home, on the road or on demand.

The company’s camera is able to perfectly capture every angle of the playing field. The artificial intelligence-based camera software can capture the action in real time and transmit it to viewers’ screens – all without a cameraman. The graphics in the stream and the score are automatically integrated and the games can be accompanied by an audio commentary.

BVB legend Lars Ricken sees great added value

For Borussia Dortmund’s head of the youth development center, it’s a great story: “Of course we see the great interest of the fans! We also play with the U19s in the Youth League, which is usually broadcast on television, and the games there have an outstanding viewing rate. It’s an added value for our fans and for all those who are interested in youth soccer,” he explains. “So they can follow the games on the Internet on It’s a thank you to our supporters that we installed the system and yes: it’s a super thing for all of us.” So since then, fans have been able to follow all the home games of the U17s, U19s and U23s live!

Half-time and complete game analysis like the Bundesliga professionals

However, the camera system is not only capable of broadcasting live matches and showing highlights of the games. With the help of a coaching tool, it also gives the club’s coaches the opportunity to conduct professional match analyses with the team and explicitly identify the mistakes and strengths of each player on the pitch. “We’ve already used it ourselves when our U19s had a friendly match,” Ricken explains. “Our coaches are so professional, since on AISportsWatch, to be able to assess the opponent beforehand and react tactically to it themselves.

“Training ground and stadium will be digitized by AISportsWatch”

Since October, the camera system of AISportsWatch has been installed on two courts of the junior training center. A promising cooperation that fits together and offers new possibilities!

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