Under the name Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK), there are currently eleven legally independent health insurance funds in Germany, with which a total of more than 27.1 million people, or around one third of the German population, are insured. For the “health insurance fund,” as the AOK is repeatedly referred to, the topic of “sports promotion” in particular is an immensely important one.


AOK Lower Saxony was therefore looking for an exciting, innovative project with which it could support sports clubs and volunteers, enhance their image and, in addition, place its advertising in a meaningful way in order to acquire new customers.


AISportsWatch was able to offer the AOK perfect solution steps, because with its versatile camera system, the company not only offers excellent live game broadcasts for sports clubs, but also a platform to prominently place the health insurance company’s advertising and messages. Thus, AOK was able to perfectly implement its ideas in the area of new customer acquisition with AISportsWatch.

AISportswatch’s camera is capable of perfectly capturing every angle of the pitch. The artificial intelligence-based camera software can capture the game action in real time and transmit it to the viewers’ screens – and all this without a cameraman having to control the system. The graphics in the stream and the score are automatically integrated, and audio commentary can also be used to accompany the matches. In addition, banner ads can be integrated into the player and played out as often as desired.

Sales manager Christian Böwer is enthusiastic

For Christian Böwer, Sales Manager of the Osnabrück region of the AOK, the cooperation with AISportsWatch is a real milestone: “Both for sports clubs and for the AOK, the cooperation with AISportsWatch is highly interesting. We have put start-up funding into the project to enable special clubs in our region to be able to use the versatile camera system,” explains Böwer. “So we act as a digital enabler for the clubs, who don’t have to pay anything for the system. In return, we can place our advertising messages prominently at all the matches of nine clubs from Lower Saxony that are extremely active, especially in the area of social media.”

High quality game analysis with the Coaching Tool

However, the camera system is not only capable of broadcasting live matches and showing highlights of the games. With the help of the recordings, coaches and trainers of the clubs have the opportunity to conduct professional match analyses with the team and to explicitly recognize the mistakes and strengths of the active players on the pitch with various editing tools.

Information event as a starting signal

“We held a great, informative information event with all interested clubs and representatives of AISportsWatch and were totally convinced right from the start. The clubs were especially interested in the company’s coaching tool, which is, after all, directly integrated into the camera system.”

However, both the AOK and the club representatives were particularly impressed by the full automation of the system.

“The fact that you can just hang the camera up and connect it to power and the Internet, and after a short calibration you can get started right away, excited everyone,” Böwer said. “So we’re talking about a system that works without any other human help, with artificial intelligence alone, and has top quality – that’s fascinating.”

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